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Plans 4 Boats – Building Wood Boats

Author: Chris Fenton

One of the oldest branches of engineering is boat building. It is concerned with constructing the hulls of boats and for sailboats, the masts, spars and rigging. Building wood boats is more popular to amateur boat builders due to the reason that wood is cheap, buoyant, widely available and can be constructed easily.

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For beginners, it is ideal to learn the parts of a boat such as; the bow, bulkhead, chines, deck, gunwale, keel, keelson, rudder, sheer, stem, stern, strake and transom. You may search for the definition of each boat part upon deciding if you want to build one.

Wood usually does not resist abrasions and if fresh water or aquatic organisms will be allowed to penetrate the wood it will be a cause for deterioration. Generally, oak and cedar are selected for building wood boats (in building the ship’s hull), due to its rot resistance characteristic. Woods such as mahogany, okoume and iroko are also being utilized to construct the ship’s hull; however, if you intend to build a boat using these new wood species, you need to take extra attention to make sure that the wood is indeed FSC certified. Normally, the wood is covered by a covering, epoxy for instance. Structural polymer (SP) method or the much older West method is being used in epoxy covering.

Usually, teak is being used to construct the deck, while keruing, azobe, merbau are used for the beams. You will need glue, screws and/or nails in order to join the wooden components.

Some types of wood construction that amateurs usually apply includes; carvel, which involves attaching wooden planks to a frame to form a smooth hull; lapstrake is a technique wherein wooden planks are fixed to each other with a slight overlap that is beveled for a firm fit; strip planking method is mostly preferred by amateurs in building wooden boat since it is fast, avoids complicated temporary jig work and shaping of the planks are not required.

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  1. Replyangela b

    what's the best type of wood for desk? I am working a plan to make my own desk. I am in a building mood hehe. I was wondering what's the best wood to use? I need to stay sturdy over the years.

    • ReplyGlenn

      3/4 maple plywood . Try to get something domestic and not from china , Chinese plywood will warp before you get it home.

  2. ReplyMario

    what is the right sandpaper to remove paint from a desk? i'm planning to remove white paint from an old wood desk and later stain it and add some matte finish to it.... should i buy coarse sanpaper or fine sandpaper??!!!

    • Replysojournsoul

      You would want to start with course sandpaper. I think it's 60 grit with medium grit being 100 and fine grit being 150 or 220. I'm not sure, but you may want to remove the paint with a chemical like Goof Off. If you rubbed Goof Off on it or Goo Gone on it, it would take the paint right off. That may be a better way to go. You could wipe all the paint off with a roll of paper towels and a tin can of Goof Off. It would do a great job and probably be a whole lot easier plus more effective.

  3. ReplyMelanie S

    How do I paint a formica desk surface? I have an otherwise all wood desk that I was planning on sanding then painting a dark metallic grey, but the top is formica. My dad told me I would run into some peeling problems with it. Does anyone know how to keep the paint from peeling? I really like this desk other than the nasty brown color, and I want it to match the nightstand I just painted.

    • ReplyHOWIE E

      bonding primer shellac based is best but there is water based. found in your local hardware ,homedepot ,lowes good luck!

  4. ReplyJennifer L

    I need woodworking plans to build a computer desk with a hutch and matching bookcase? I'm setting up a home office to work out of as a medical transcriptionist. I have the wood (oak) to build a computer desk with a hutch and a matching bookcase. I need a good sized one to hold everything. Where can I get some woodworking plans to build this type desk, hutch, and bookcase?

    • Replygeo

      here are a couple web sites. wood plans.com and also my favorite is wood magazine they had that in one of their issues

  5. ReplyDream Smasher

    best wood for buildign a custom desk? i want to build a large custom desk to put to 2 large flat screen monitors on. what's the best type of wood for the top, desk part? I've looked at several sheets at home depot and don't know what to use. i plan on using some 2 x 4's to build the support legs. i of course know to have most of the supports in the area where the monitros will be sitting.

    • ReplyBricky Local 9 PA

      birch or oak plywood would look ok...get some edge banding to make it look better

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